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Our purpose is to offer the best possible holistic care to everyone need it. But, what we mean with the term “holistic care”? In our opinion, “care” can't really be something else than “holistic care”. Offering care services, all aspects of people's needs including physical, emotional, social and environmental should be taken into account and seen as a whole. Looking on things in a holistic way, we can say that any temporary or permanent problem someone face, is a result of imbalance in some of those aspects. Prevention and relief of such a problem can come when we help his or her organism to achieve a stage closer to balance of all those aspects. That's also where wellness fits in our understanding.


Our methods are old and new, from different cultures, but all natural. Meaning, we try to make the organism return to its natural balanced function as a whole, not healing something but helping the organism to renew and use its own strengths while also supporting the  removal of obstacles of its free natural functions. Actually, our role is only to support your decision to help yourself. So, in practice, we might combine Holistic Massage techniques with Shiatsu and Sotai, Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding and methods such as Moxibustion, Guasha and Cupping, Reichian Body Psychotherapy approaches such as Orgone Therapy and Gentle Bio-Energetics, while also we might discuss lifestyle related aspects, Nutritional and Herbal ideas, Exercise suggestions and more.

 Your appointment

Our services are provided by appointment only. To make an appointment for an initial assessment or treatment, please use our online appointment system or contact us. Please take some time before your actual session to download, fill out and send us our initial assessment form. If available, bring with you any medical records related to your existing condition when you come in for your first visit. In case of need to cancel a treatment, we request a minimum 24-hour notice before the appointment time.

 Initial Assessment Form

Please take some time before your actual session to download, fill out and send us our initial assessment form. Thank you!


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Before and after the session

It's advisable that you don't eat heavy meal for approximately 2 hours before your session. But don't come in empty stomach either! Something light so that you have some energy and you don't feel hungry is considered necessary, except for special occasions for which you will be informed. Please wear loose clothing for your session, avoid hard bras or corset as well as usage of perfumes. Before get into your session, remember to close or put in silence mode your mobile phone. After the conclusion of the session, try to offer to yourself some warm, relaxation time, so that your organism can get the maximum benefit from the treatment. And remember to drink a lot of water, so that all toxins mobilized from the session helped to waste away from your body.

Follow-up visits

Unfortunately, holistic care don't mean miracles. It's not a “take your pill and go work” idea. Of course there are situations when just one visit can improve much the symptoms and make someone forget the reason why have get the problem in first case. But in general, for people who already have problems, symptoms will improve after several treatments. Due to an individual's lifestyle and work conditions, these problems may persist and become chronic if proper maintenance care is not taken. Our purpose is to take care so that those symptoms don't become chronic medical problems. It is recommended to continue treatment once per week initially and once every two weeks, or once every month according to your health condition. In any case, after the first assessment we will be able to arrange together a treatment schedule specifically for your problem and your personal current condition.

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