Rejuvance is an innovative natural beauty therapy that in 6 sessions offer deep relaxation and tranquility together with facial rejuvenation throu lifting with the fingertips. The method is based on a technique that was created by Stanley Rosenberg, a Danish Rolfer and CranioSacral therapist and further develop by Ilaeira Bouratinos, Acupuncturist and Shiatsu therapist. Rejuvance works primarily in connective tissue, the skin layer which is responsible for the proper oxygenation and nutrition of the skin. Stress, tension, fatigue and daily difficulties nest on our facial expressions. Facial muscles contract and gradually their tightness consolidate. As a result the first thin lines appear which later become deep wrinkles and other mismatches. Rejuvance is a natural and pleasurable way to deal with this problems.




  • Relieves stress, insomnia, headaches, migraines
  • Smoothes wrinkles and eliminates fine lines
  • Reduces dark circles and eye bags
  • Moisturize smoothly your skin
  • Balances facial expression
  • Slows the aging process
  • Restores muscle tone
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Removes accumulated toxins
  • Improves the function of the jaw
  • Restores elasticity and tone of the skin
  • Balances the autonomic nervous system
  • Raises and rejuvenates face, neck, neckline


What to expect in treatment


A comprehensive Rejuvance treatment consists of 6 one hour sessions, held once a week. In every session we focus in different part of the face. During treatments, we work on acupoints, release the connective tissue and release-mobilise all the muscles of the head. Treatments are heald in a mat in the floor or can be doned in massage table if you prefer. For permanent results it is recommended the resumption of sessions twice a year and individual sessions every 1-2 months.


How to prepare yourself for the treatment


The only thing that you really should do before treatment, is to find the appropriate time to offer yourself an experience of deep relaxation or even a light sleep! Please remember you should not use any makeup before come for your treatment. And manage your time in a way that you can have your mobile phone closed during the session.


What is included in each of the sessions


Session 1: Unlocking the connective tissue across the surface of the face.
Benefits: better oxygenation and nourishment of the skin, relieve tension, glitter all over your face, wellness throughout the body.

Session 2: Unlocking the connective tissue in the front, the area around the eyes and scalp, release muscle in the neck, head and forehead.
Benefits: Reduces wrinkles in the eye and forehead, raises the characteristics of the area (eyebrows), relieves tension and pain associated with the head, eyes, ears, neck (headaches, migraines, etc.)

Session 3: Release of connective tissue and muscle release in the eyes to the mouth.
Benefits: stimulates the fallen characteristics (eg nasolabial groove) smoothes wrinkles (eg around the upper lip) relieves muscle tension in the region (such as pain in the jaw, teeth grinding, clenching of teeth) offers attractive and comfortable smile, facilitates speech and chewing food.

Session 4: Unlocking the connective tissue and muscle release of the mandible, neck to neck.
Benefits: relieves tension in the region, stimulates loose neck regions (eg, double chin - dewlap) and smoothes wrinkles. Facilitates oral expression, speech and even singing.

5th session: Muscular release in the back and shoulders, the lower jaw, and neck.
Benefits: tones loose muscles, relieves pain, and releases the region of the neck and shoulders, lifts the bust.

6th session: General work around the face and neck. We insist on desired areas.
Benefits: Offers wonderful sense of wellbeing throughout the body, perfect aesthetic results, the person becomes smooth, soft and radiant skin.