Reichian - Orgone Therapy



Reichian - Orgone Therapy is a form of body psychotherapy based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. The basic principles of this form of therapy was first explored mainly by Reich in the 1930s. During this period and while still working on the realm of Freudian Psychoanalysis, Reich observe that muscular tensions (called body armor) reflect repressed emotions as well as that all neurotic patients sexual life was far away from what he call orgasmic potency. At this period, influenced probably also from some work related to dance and movement, he develop the form of therapy he named vegetotherapy, having tremendous effects in the autonomic nervous system of his patients, releasing big amounts of blocked energy that was trapped in their body, leading to neurotic symptoms. Since then, Reich's work have been separated from psychoanalysis and through the years was developed further to Orgone Therapy, establishing well the body-mind identity and advancing even more to all aspects of human knowledge and science. His work have been also developed in different directions from many of his students and nowadays a big variety of techniques are available.


Things to think before starting a Reichian - Orgone Therapy treatment cycle



  • Reichian - Orgone Therapy is a hard and long road, don't expect miraculous happiness fast results.

  • Armoring is a unique solution that your body discover in order to protect you, don't blame it for this.

  • It's your body that will heal you, what we do is to give it some tools to help this result.

  • Faster don't mean necessary better. You have learn to live in a specific way for years, adaptation of changing need time and patience.

  • Therapy cause changes in your character structure. Think well before starting if you and people around you are ready for this.


Practical things to know and do before a session



  • We adopt Eva's Reich way of working WITH cloths. You don't need to be naked during the session, nevertheless it's good to wear light, loose-fitting cloths, which don't compress any part of your body but let it move freely.

  • Different sessions can be more active or passive. Don't try to make things happen, just let your body to react and listen it. Something happening is important as nothing happening.

  • A usual schedule for the treatment is a 90 minutes session per week that some times can be shortened in 60 minutes. The total length of the treatment cycle can't be predicted and you are in charge of deciding that you are satisfied with your results until now so you interrupt the treatment or just keep a maintenance program.

  • Remove any jewelry you wear, and avoid wearing any makeup, aftershave or perfume before come for the treatment.

  • Try not to be in a hurry before you come to the treatment or be in a rush once the treatment is done. You will have some time during the treatment to get harmonized but should remember that the changes are happening for days after the actual session.

  • Make sure that you can offer yourself some hour free of mobile phone calls – please turn it off!

  • Keep well hydrated – drink water - and stay away from stimulants such a coffee and cigarettes.


What to expect in a treatment



The initial treatment involve mainly discussion of the reasons you choose to follow Reichian Orgone Therapy, observation and evaluation of the functions of your body and a trauma life-line. You might also experience some form of body technique.

Based on the initial treatment results and on physical and verbal feedback gained during the treatments, different tools will be used in order to release the free flow of your life energy and melt the body armoring.

Our approach of Reichian - Orgone Therapy is based mainly in the original Wilhelm Reich's “Orgone Therapy” and his daughter Eva Reich's “Gentle Bioenergetics”. We incorporate also ideas from Alexander Lowen's “Bioenergetics”, Chuck Kelley's “Radix”, Gerda Boyesen's “Biodynamic”, William H. Bates vision training method and more.

What we try to achieve thru our approach is to help you live fuller, free of obstacles created from past or present experiences that remain trapped in your body and keep trapped your life potential.

Treatment might involve energetic techniques, body touching and manipulation, breathing, vocalization, emotion release, eyes exercises and verbal techniques. Sometimes it might feel very active and exhausting, sometimes might feel like not doing nothing.


How can Reichian - Orgone Therapy benefit you?



Reichian - Orgone Therapy can be used as a long term therapy or as first aids. Can recover the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System and shorten significantly the length and the effect of shocking freezing experiences, panic attacks, fears, anxiety, explosive anger, grief... Cause a long term shift in character structure. Help our growth and develop further the human potential, enable us to live more fully and experience the present situation without past obstacles. Can heal traumatic experiences that create destructive patterns in our life and help us move forward. Can promote general health by balancing our emotional world, having a direct psychosomatic effect.